Lee was an incredible coach to our team and helped move us to deeper and more productive places.  She has a gift in being able to understand people in a very nuanced and sophisticated way and then to structure her feedback accordingly. She is both direct and kind.  I so appreciated the ways that she has helped me grow.
Abby Miller, MPH
Vice President, Administration and Business Operations 
Colorado Permanente Medical Group

I was smart enough to find and recruit Lee to coach me for a TEDx event.  After only one showing at an early rehearsal, everyone wanted to be coached by Lee and the organizers then recruited her to more officially coach their speakers. Lee has a masterful way of drawing out the very best in her clients — she is brilliant at crafting the story and the performance.  Whether for TED or TEDx or a job interview or difficult conversation, there is no better coach. I’d have her by my side every minute of the day if I could.  I have referred dozens of TEDx speakers to her over the years and go back time and again myself. Do yourself a favor and get her on your team.
Dr. Kim Gorgens
Professor and Director of Continuing Education
Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

What impresses me most about Lee is her ability to create a safe space for vulnerability through story-telling and palpable empathy.  I had never considered how authentically telling my story could make me a better leader and a happier person.  That was Lee’s gift to me.   
Kenneth A. Faber, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Community Health Programs, Inc.

Lee brings an authenticity and groundedness to every session ensuring a nurturing, safe environment which allows for creativity, exploration and ultimately, transformation.  
Genevieve Nedder
Founder, Body Fundamentals, Inc.

Lee is an amazing facilitator and coach.  She has an ability to listen deeply, quickly understand the need and adapt to the situation.  I have learned a tremendous amount from Lee over the years both through direct interaction and watching her work.   
Jennifer Ziouras MD, FACP
Senior Medical Director
Optum Care Colorado

Working with Lee was great.  She always took the time to listen to and understand what I was saying and was great at giving me a little nudge when I got stuck.  She helped me prioritize my time both professionally and personally and I expect that I will use some of the techniques that we worked on for years to come.
LaTisha Saare, Biologist
Western Area Power Administration
US Government

Lee provides a totally safe environment and is committed to her clients’ growth as human beings. I’m not sure I have ever met anyone as truly and consistently present.
Laura Fuller, Attorney-at-Law

When Lee led me through an exploration of my values, she got me fully present in the moment and able to hone in on each component that feels truly important to me. Each time I would get too much into my head, Lee would guide me back to my breath, into my body and exactly where I needed to be. Her presence is so grounding and I truly believe anyone would benefit from coaching with her.
Iris Rankin, ProjectIntention.com

I’m so appreciative of my work with Lee. Her coaching style is incisive, intelligent and direct. I find the sessions challenging, but the process offers me a sense of direction and intentionality in a week that could otherwise be a continuous roil of work and personal goals. I also feel that there is a cumulative benefit from the work, as I learn important leadership and communication skills.
Ari Melmed, MD FACEP
Medical Director, Telehealth Services at Colorado Permanente Medical Group
ED Physician, SCL St Joseph Hospital

Before I started working with Lee I felt profoundly depressed, bitter, self-loathing, unproductive, alone, and paralyzed about my plans for the future. Lee helped me identify and correct many of the mental habits that were standing in my way. She taught me how to focus on what I wanted and what I needed to do to be the person I know I can be. She is wise, generous, and kind. I am a better person for having known her.
Ben Lehr
BA, Vassar College

Lee Massaro transformed my book talk from an academic speech into an engaging experience for my audience. She coached me about the content of my talk, the details of my slide deck, and the impact of my voice and body language. Her attention to detail and encouragement gave me the confidence to put down my notes, step out from behind the podium, and meaningfully connect with my audience. One of my attendees is a NYT best-selling author and she has repeatedly told me that my book launch was the best book talk she’s ever attended — I give Lee all the credit. 
Margit Cox Henderson, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Speaker, Author

Lee has a unique way of guiding you through the process of letting go of the negativity and self-consciousness that hinders us, and then gets down to the business and fun of discovering how to achieve objectives in the most authentic way possible. Lee will challenge you in your efforts to be the best you can be.
Kaliea Devi Schutz
Actor and Mother